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NetMRI Config & Admin (NMCA)

Upcoming Courses: 
25-Jun-19 - 26-Jun-19
22-Jul-19 - 23-Jul-19 
23-Sep-19 - 24-Sep-19 

Virtual Instructor-Led

2 days / 20 credits / $1800 Course Description
Build a working knowledge how to configure the NetMRI product to collect and use network device information for configuration, change, and network policy management and automated compliance checks. Understand the reporting features available in NetMRI.

NetMRI CCS Scripting (NMCS)

Upcoming Courses: 
27-Jun-19 - 28-Jun-19
24-Jul-19 - 25-Jul-19 
25-Sep-19 - 26-Sep-19 

Virtual Instructor-Led

2 days / 20 credits / $1800 Course Description
Learn how to gain efficiency by automating CLI tasks using the Infoblox CCS scripting language.. Study the rules of CCS scripting and explore scripting solutions in hands-on labs. Discuss how to automate your organization's existing CLI tasks with CCS scripting.